Listen to The Alzheimer’s Caregiver On the Go

We know that it can be tough to set aside time for learning when you’re caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia. With that in mind, we’ve collected all of the audio for The Alzheimer’s Caregiver® lessons in one place — perfect for listening while you run errands or drive to work. The Alzheimer’s Caregiver is designed to help you navigate the daily and long-term challenges of caregiving through every stage of the illness.

Just click on any of the playlists below to get started or visit About The Alzheimer’s Caregiver® to learn more about the program. We also encourage you to click the headings above each playlist to see the full lessons as soon as you have a few minutes to spare. The full lessons include helpful photos and visual cues that will be invaluable as you learn.

1. Dementia, Delirium, and Depression: Similarities, Differences, and Treatments

2. Dementia, Delirium, and Depression: Causes and Risk Factors

3. ADLs: Assisting with Bathing and Showering

4. ADLs: Assisting With Dressing

5. ADLs: Assisting With Grooming

6. Caregiver Stress: Detecting Stress, Burden, and Depression

7. Caregiver Stress: Coping Strategies

8. Sleep: Promoting Healthy Sleep Patterns

9. Sleep: Managing Nighttime Awakenings and Wandering

10. Sleep: Managing Hallucinations, Illusions, Delusions, Nightmares, Sundowning, Anxiety, and Depression

There are more lessons to explore! Click on the link to page 2 below to continue learning.

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