ARARF Celebrates 25 Years with Educational Email Series Launch

The Alzheimer’s Research and Resource Foundation (ARARF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to Alzheimer’s care and its research, announced today the launch of a free educational email series in celebration of ARARF’s 25th anniversary. Inspired by The Alzheimer’s Caregiver®, ARARF’s proprietary educational program, this email series offers caregivers a convenient way to access expert care-related tips from a longstanding, credible source.

The new email series is designed to meet readers where they are — by signing up for the email subscription, readers will receive free weekly caregiving tips and information, all derived from The Alzheimer’s Caregiver, delivered directly to their inboxes. The emails are designed to convey helpful takeaways for hands-on care, provide readers with in-depth resources to explore further, and take some of the work out of searching for caregiving information.

After his mother’s Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis in 1986, ARARF President Tom Elin made providing kind, compassionate care to those with Alzheimer’s his life’s mission. On a quest for the improvement of Alzheimer’s care, he founded ARARF in 1995. “This journey resulted in the creation of the Alzheimer’s Caregiver, an educational training manual and encyclopedia dedicated solely to Alzheimer’s care, in affiliation with various universities around the country,” Elin says. “For the last 25 years I have endeavored to provide the Alzheimer’s Caregiver totally free of charge and to any and all Alzheimer’s caregivers located anywhere in the world.” ARARF’s new educational email series is a continuation of that mission.

The Alzheimer’s Caregiver email series is now available. Click here to sign up for the free email program to get weekly caregiving tips sent directly to your inbox.

To learn more about the educational program and the foundation, visit About The Alzheimer’s Caregiver and About ARARF.

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